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Bundles of Joy

Ben’s Body Basics is all about putting smiles on faces and putting magical skin care products on bodies. This holiday season, for the first time, we are happy to introduce these amazing bundles to you and your friends!


Small Lavender Bundle


Comprised of a 2 oz Lavender Grapefruit Body Butter and Lavender Almond Scrub, this bundle is a definite treat. Don’t let the little size fool you, there is definitely a lotta love in these 2 oz jars!

Regular Lavender Bundle


If you got a few extra dollars to spend for that special someone, this bundle will definitely earn you a warm embrace. The love and care that goes into creating this gift is something any recipient can acknowledge and appreciate. Give the gift of love this holiday season! Give Ben’s Body Basics πŸ’š

Large Lavender Bundle


Heavens, this bundle has got it all! This right here is the all-in-one self care bundle that you have been looking for. I was βœ‹πŸΎπŸ€šπŸΎ this close to naming this the β€œTreat-Yo-Self” bundle, but I figured maybe just maybe this holiday season you might want to treat someone else as well. Click below for more information about the set!

Skin Transformation Awaits You

Ben's Body Basics exists to give people a product that is  patiently produced and hand-crafted with purpose. The irreplaceable sense of wholeness and comfort I experience through my crafting process is one I hope to share with everyone. Whether it is providing comfort and soothing your skin throughout the day, nourishing your skin with mineral rich and moisturizing ingredients, or helping to relieve stress release tension; Ben's Body Basics exists for you.


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